Your Brand Should be the Leading Character

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Figuring Out Brand Representation

When it comes figuring out how your brand should be represented, think of it as the leading character of a novel. It should be the one running the show, and at the forefront of it all. When I think of a character that has three of the top qualities that a brand should have, I think of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter & Brand Coincidences

Everyone knows Harry Potter. Whether they have or have not seen the movies or read the books, everyone knows something about Harry Potter. Throughout seven novels and eight movies, he continuously shows top qualities that include determination, reliability, and respect. Just like that, a brand should consistently show the same characteristics: both in and out of the public eye.

Harry lost his parents to Lord Voldemort, after being given to his mom’s sister and her husband, he spends eleven years living under a staircase as a regular human being whose family life wasn’t ideal. When he gets thrown into the wizarding world, he finds out the truth about his parents’ death, and it’s within this first novel that he is faced with Voldemort. Every year he faces Voldemort, and every year he is determined to do so and to win. If an eleven-year-old boy can begin his journey of fighting a man who killed thousands, then your brand should be able to have the determination to stick to your product.

To be successful, you can’t back down or take breaks. You need to go full force and with everything you have. If you show your employees and your customers that you have the determination to deliver a great product, chances are your employees will have that same determination, and your customers will be drawn to that.


You Can’t Go Wrong With Harry Potter, Don’t Go Wrong With Your Brand.

It is undeniable that Harry Potter is reliable, he never second-guesses his fight with Voldemort. When Dumbledore needed his help, he accepted without question. He wanted to help and knew it could bring him closer to Voldemort, and either the end of him or the man who killed his parents, and that didn’t stop him. Harry was determined and reliable to help get the job done.  Your brand should be the same.

  • Your customers should have a product of exceptional quality each and every time.
  • You can’t flake on your own company – Give your best 100% of the way.

This will ensure that they come back and continue to use your products.

Finally, Harry Potter shows respect to those who deserve it. Now, this doesn’t mean you can pick and choose who your brand is respectful too. But it does show how far respect can go. Harry respects his friends and, in turn, they respect him. They stand by and fight alongside him. He even shows respect towards his aunt, uncle, and cousin even though they don’t respect him. Your brand should always respect its employees, and it should respect its customers: whether they respect your brand or not. The level of respect that you and your brand give out speaks volumes about the brand as a whole.

So, What Does It Take?

It doesn’t take much to be a brand with good character. Determination comes when you start your brand, but now you need to put in the hard work and effort to become reliable. As for respect, that should come naturally and shouldn’t be an issue. Popular brands have many qualities, but these are just three of the most important ones. Let Unmatte provide you that brand character. We value great storytelling, and your audience do too.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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