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The Miracle of Branding: Why Brand Your Business

According to entrepreneur.com, branding is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol, or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. A brand is what sets your business, company, product, or service apart from others. It is what you an individual. Branding is a promise to your customers. It is what tells them what to expect from your product or services. So, where do you even start with branding? Well, you could go onto our website and Buy-A-Brand or Build-A-Brand. You could also take inspiration from other brands. But what makes branding great? And why should you even brand something? In this post, we’ll provide an all-encompassing rundown of what makes branding great, including why branding is essential and three examples of great branding. 

Branding Leads to Customer Loyalty 

Good branding can lead to customer loyalty and retention by elevating a business and building recognition. Think to yourself about your favorite brands. Did you have a clear image as to who they are? Did you feel certain emotions when thinking about them? Do you remember specific experiences with them? If yes, then that is excellent branding. It builds an emotional connection with your customers. Customers are attracted to brands with similar values to them, and once you attract your customers with the benefits that you have established with your branding and create an emotional connection with them through those values that loyalty can last a lifetime. 

Branding Helps you Stand Out.

Branding is what sets you apart from everyone else. There are a lot of small businesses out there that may sell the same products as you. What will set you apart is how you present yourself. A good brand has a clear purpose. It has meaning. Don’t just buy a brand logo because it looks cool. Buy a logo or create a logo that has meaning.

Establishing Your Brand Will Make it Easier to Introduce New Products and Services

It will be easier for you to introduce new products or services by establishing your brand and creating that secure emotional connection with your loyal customers. Your customers are already interested in your brand, and they will be listening to what you release, thus making it easier for you to have already a loyal customer base for your next product or service. 

3 Great Examples of Branding

  1. Apple – Minimalist, Innovating, Simplistic
    1. Apple is the first example in Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle framework. Apple’s brand shows you that they build beautiful computers that are cutting edge technology. They set themselves apart from other competitors by highlighting their innovative products. Their messaging then emphasizes that if you are an Apple customer, then you are also innovative and creative. 
  2. Nike – A Timeless Brand, A Consistent Brand.
    1. Nike’s branding and messaging strategy focus on empowerment. There is a unified message of empowerment and performance from their tagline “Just Do It” to their name, the Greek Goddess of Victory. Their models don’t smile. Instead, their photos are taken while doing physical activities. 
  3. Trader Joe’s – Groceries Meets New-Age Marketing
    1. Trader Joe’s is a national chain of grocery stores; however, based on their branding, you wouldn’t know it. It has branded itself as your neighborhood grocery store. They have a wide variety of high-quality food at a low price. They attempt to make customers feel at home in their causal, nautical-themed atmosphere. 

Why Brand? The Way We See It Your Business Isn’t A Business Without It.

Branding your company is extremely important. Branding is what makes your company unique. It sets you apart from other competitors and helps build customer loyalty. For more information on branding, reach out to those at Unmatte. Also, look at our Buy-A-Brand and Build-A Brand pages to see if we can offer any branding services your business may need. 

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