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Marketing Ted Talks You MUST Watch & Why

Ted Talks are the best way to learn about the important things. They are educational, well thought out, and always interesting. Here are a few of the best Marketing Ted Talks to watch to improve your marketing skills.

Marketing Ted Talks with Seth Godin with The Tribes we Lead

The Blah Blah: Seth Godin talks about how mass media was a fail, but tribes are the growing thing. Mass marketing means average ideas. It’s when companies are trying to ‘hypnotise’ people into buying, voting, ect. He brings in tribes as a form that is taking down mass marketing. He says these tribes are about leading and connecting people and ideas. The internet, now a days, allows different interests/ hobbies to have their own tribe, or group. These are groups of people who have the same interests or hobbies and can form their own community from anywhere in the world.

The Moral: Godin believes that the new form of marketing is for companies to build their own tribe and be the ‘king’ of it, and to “find the true believers.” He says, “You don’t need everyone, you just need a thousand.”

Marketing Ted Talks: Seth Godin with How to Get Your Ideas to Spread

The Blah Blah: Seth Godin is clearly the one to listen to about marketing, he makes it simple to understand. Starting off by talking about sliced bread, for fifteen years after being ‘invented’ people still were not buying it. He goes into talking about how to get ideas to spread, not just getting the idea. Seth then uses an example of an image of a cow, a normal, black and white cow is not exciting. It’s the day to day thing, and won’t grab attention. But, he then edits the photo to make the cow black and purple. This is not exciting. He mentions that the things that are not normal are going to grab attention. However, if they stay like that, they will slowly become another normal that doesn’t grab attention.

The Moral: You need to advertise in an unconventional way. This is what will get your company sales. To keep this going, you need to change up your advertisements every so often.

Rory Sutherland with Life Lessons From an Ad Man

The Blah Blah: In this Ted Talk, Rory Sutherland talks about how advertising is more about the approach you take than the product itself. My favorite example from this was the potato. He brings up how potatoes look gross and that made people not want to eat them. He then went into the potato being rebranding. It was told to be a food of royalty, and how it was guarded while in a regular potato patch. This made it more desirable, and the potato became more wanted.

The Moral: Desirability is the reason people do anything.  Why can’t people live without your product or service?  Sell that!

Andrew Stanton with The Clues to A Great Story

The Blah Blah: Andrew Stanton talks about storytelling and how it impacts your advertising. He says “storytelling is joke telling” and that you need to know your punchline. Stories allow us to connect to people or things. It’s stories that can get us to relate to a company or product, which results in follows and customers. Then he goes on to talk about Mr. Rodgers and how he carried the quote, “There is no one you cannot learn to love once you’ve heard their story.”

The Moral: A company or product should make people care, in some way. Stories pull us in, make us care, and cause us to buy.

Dan Pink with The Puzzle of Motivation

The Blah Blah: Dan Pink opens his Ted Talk with the candle problem. He asks how you can attach a candle to a wall, without the wax cannot drip onto the table. He goes through a few possible ‘solutions’ and then says they are wrong. The actual solution is to use the container the tacks were in, connect that to the wall and put the candle in the container. When it comes to motivation, your viewers (the candle) want a solution (the wall). You are the container.

The Moral: Problems don’t always have an easy fix, even if they might, you want to show them YOU are the way to the solution. If you show your viewers that you can lead them to a solution, they will be more likely to buy your product. You have given them motivation.

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Social Media Tactics That Have Expired

There are many techniques around social media in terms of tactics and advertising. It’s an aspect that has needed to grow and adapt to the changing times. From social media tactics for the workplace, advertising through social media, tactics for responding to new followers and gaining followers, false reacting to posts, all the way to pitching your item too soon. These are just a few of the outdated techniques. Like most older things, there are new technologies to replace these. This article will talk about archaic and modern techniques. 

Social Media Tactics and the OLD Workplace Etiquette

Companies want their businesses to look the best. They don’t like negative reviews, and certainly not when those reviews are from their employees. Countless companies came up with social media rules that they expected their employees to follow. The employer usually ensured this following the employee on social media. Buffer explains that having fewer restrictions could end up having more positive comments and posts from your employees. Rather than preventing your employees from being open on social media, allow them to show where they work. This generates more questions about your business. Your employees are your biggest advertisement. 

JUST Text and Image Posts.

When you move your company to social media, you want to start on the right foot. Not only do you want strong posts, but you also want those posts to be noticed. An article by Aja Frost advises on this. Posts that are just text and image don’t get the attention that is wanted. More people would prefer to hear or watch the information you are giving, rather than read it. She even goes ahead to say that 69% of consumer internet traffic will be videos, and 25% of consumers will be turned off to your brand if you don’t use videos in your posts. People want to scroll through social media mindlessly, and videos are easy to watch, and they don’t require effort on the viewers’ part. However, reading can be seen as tedious, especially to those who don’t like to read. Videos are the way to go. 

Immediately Pitching to New Followers.

It’s always exciting to see that your brand has gained more followers. Responding to new followers can be a good thing. However, there are bad ways to go about this. You should not be sending automated messages when someone follows you. That shows them that they are nothing but a way for you to make money. Frost explains that this can feel manipulative. The better option is to message them yourself. Make it personal and show them they are an individual to you, not just another follower. She also mentions that if they mention your product in a post, share it, and send them a personalized thank you for the mention. Having a ‘friendship’ with your followers could result in sticking around longer and remaining loyal customers. 

Mass Following – Just Stop.

An article by Mark Traphagen, states that mass following people to gain followers no longer works. There are two main reasons why. 

  1. People are paying more attention to who they follow. People don’t want to follow fake or spam accounts. Just the same, they don’t want these accounts following them so that they may block your account. 
  2. Mass following is useless to your feed. When people visit their social media pages, they want to see their friends and people they are interested in. 

If you mass follow, you will see people you don’t know and things you have no interest in. You want to follow accounts that you have interest in, whether it be a person, pet page, or a hobby you have. These are the accounts that have your attention, and they might follow back. You want to be active on your social media, as well. If you like posts and comment and share your own posts, you are causing your page to be more visible. Gaining followers takes time, but they are more willing to stay if they are gained honestly. 

Only Posting Links/Ads. 

Mark Traphagen also talks about how posting links can be ineffective. People do not follow to see advertisements. They want to see you. Yes, you want to post your links. People follow because they are interested. Sooner or later, they will want to purchase. Too many links, however, will cause your followers to get bored and unfollow. You want to keep your followers and gain customers, not push your followers away because of your product. What you want to do is have a balance between your links and other posts that may be of interest or help to your followers. Keep it interesting, so your followers want to stay. 

Pitching Your Item too Soon. 

Just because someone follows you does not mean it is the right time to make your pitch. Mark Traphagen goes over this in his article in The Search Engine Journal. It can help you reach out to new followers but don’t immediately message them and try to sell your product. Say thank you for the follow, but make it personal. Do not mention your product(s). 

Pitching too soon can push your followers away, and very quickly. Let them follow you for a little bit, maybe follow them back and like some of their posts. After a few weeks, once you see they see your posts, then you can start pitching your products. If they like posts on certain products, they are telling you what they are interested in more. Listen to your followers, and you will know when the time is right to pitch. 

Social Media Tactics Grow Tiresome.

How you display yourself on social media affects your following greatly. They don’t want to see links or an account that barely posts. They want an exciting page that posts once a day, maybe more, and that keeps things interesting. Now that you know how to keep your followers interested, you need to gain more. Head over to Mark Traphagen’s article 9 Proven Tips to Get More Social Media Followers

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Meme Marketing & How It Works

Meme marketing is composed of images or GIFs. Most of them have some form of humor to them but they can be serious, light-hearted, dark, or just merely comedy. With all of that versatility, no wonder they can affect how a product is marketed. Though indirectly, meme marketing can assist with a company making sales. This article talks about a few of the biggest, most popular memes and how they can actually be a tool for a product–through meme marketing. 

But That’s None of my Business. – Meme Marketing is Sassy.

For several years now, Kermit the Frog has been starring in memes with a cup of Liptonmeme marketing - kermit the frog tea. These memes generally have a phrase at the top, and at the bottom of the image, it usually reads, “But that’s none of my business.” Something as simple as this is putting Lipton tea in the center of the image. This is the first thing that the viewer sees, even if they do not realize it. This is a perfect opportunity for product placement. It is allowing a simple cup of tea to become associated with humor slowly. Someone sees a pack of Lipton tea, and they think of Kermit drinking a glass while pretending to mind his own business about something. 

Baby Yoda – Meme Marketing is Clean.

Ever since The Mandalorian came out, Baby Yoda has flooded social media. meme marketing baby yodaStar Wars has always been a massive franchise, and now, being owned by Disney has not changed that. Baby Yoda had people talking about The Mandalorian, and this caused people to want to watch the series. Not only has this meme advertised for the series, but it has also advertised for Disney’s new streaming service Disney+. Which just so happens to be the only place you can watch The Mandalorian.  Baby Yoda, in the referenced photo, sheds light on the current pandemic ‘COVID-19’.

Meme Marketing Within App Marketing.

Another popular meme shows people taking photos of their food with the caption, ‘Meanwhile on Instagram.’ This directly impacts business for Instagram, but there are memes for Facebook, Tik Tok, and Snap Chat. These could be mocking the app itself, or even its users, but it still advertises. Memes allow people to explore and exploit their opinions in multiple ways. Instagram does have a lot of food pictures, and if someone finds this funny, it just might make them open the app due to the reference. Memes can help advertise for almost anything, and they spread quickly. 

Meme marketing might be something people put together to gain likes and follows, but it can also end up being an advertisement for a brand as well. It’s free advertising by fans, even if they don’t realize they are helping promote a brand. It’s simple advertising and puts the product/brand in your face. Let meme marketing stick with your readers. Find out more trends in marketing by clicking here or see The 100 Greatest Memes Ever!

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Learn From These Mistakes Before You Try Social Media Marketing

As of January 30 of this year, more than 4.5 billion people now use the internet, according to We Are Social. Of the 4.5 billion people who use the internet, 3.8 billion are on social media. That is nearly 60% of the population. If you are trying to market yourself or your brand, the most obvious way to show people who you are is to use social media. However, before you do that you need to know how to connect with your audience without losing their trust, in this post, we’ll provide an all-encompassing rundown of the five social media marketing tactics that are dead. 

Misleading Social Media Game Ads—You’re not fooling anybody 

I can’t tell you how many games ads I’ve seen where the game is nothing like the advertisement. If your consumer downloads the games—and that’s a big if—they will soon see that the game is nothing like you advertised. What happens next? They delete it and don’t trust your brand again. 

Advertising in the Middle of Videos—They’ll keep scrolling 

If you’re going to place an ad, do it on the front end. I can’t tell you how many times I have stopped watching a video on Facebook because it was in the middle of the video. By placing your ad upfront, the audience knows what to expect, and they know they won’t be bothered once the video starts. By placing an ad in the middle of the video, you’re not only annoying your audience, but you are making them question if this is the only ad that will interrupt their video. What happens next? They keep scrolling. 

Social Media & Fake Accounts—Your audience knows it when they see it.

It’s pretty obvious to spot a fake account when you see one. They only have posted about certain products and have close to zero followers. According to Crunch Growth, 26.5% of Facebook Accounts, 17% of Twitter accounts, and 40% of Instagram accounts are fake. Once a consumer sees that you are using a cheap marketing tactic to increase your posts interactions, they’re going to lose their trust in your company and brand. 

Non-Native Paid Advertising—Most stick out like a sore thumb

A paid advertisement is easy to spot when you see one, especially if the content doesn’t look native. The easiest fix for this is to make your advertisement look like native content. This isn’t to say you should make a cheap post like “OMG I love my [insert product here]. You can buy it at [insert link here]. Instead, make your company seem human. Genuine content makes readers want to click on your profile and take a closer look.

Mass Following to Gain Followers—Are you trying to look desperate? 

Yes, the point of social media is to be—you guessed it—social, but mass following users so that you can get more followers is not the way to do it. Accounts that do this are easy to spot because they tend to have a crazy unequal follower ratio.  The ratio we view is when you are following more users than users following you. This makes your brand seem fake or of low value. Users will see this as your brand not being genuine and won’t want to interact with you. 

Although social media is a place of free expression, there is a wrong way to market on these platforms.

Remember to avoid the following:

  • Mass following
  • Non-native looking paid advertisements
  • Using fake accounts to boost your posts interaction
  • Placing ads in the middle of your videos
  • Using misleading game advertisements

If you have any questions about social media marketing tactics that are dead or would like a consultation, reach out to us.

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Go Viral: The Phenomenon – Tips, Tricks, & Understanding

Go Viral with these simple tips.  

Social media is a growing platform, as are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the latest one, Tik Tok. Users, typically between the ages of fifteen to mid-to-late thirties, share posts and content to gain status.  To achieve status, there seems to be no idea too big or too dangerous, and that can be concerning.

In this post, I will explain what a viral phenomenon is, and some ways that one begins.  

The Go Viral Phenomenon

The common cold is viral. It spreads rapidly, and everyone is aware of about it. When a post becomes viral on social media, it spreads all over. Filling one platform and spreading to another, and another. The ‘creator’ of that post, whether it be a photo or video, has become viral. They have ‘blown up,’ and their post is now being seen from people all over the country- and maybe even the world.

There is no end to being viral; it seems. Once someone achieves this, regardless of if it was intentional or not, they will more than likely want to do it again. And this often means trying harder and doing more outrageous things. Being viral is not always a good thing, and it is not always a person. It can be a photo of people not recognized or even a challenge.  

How to Become Go Viral

Let’s look at a few ways to become viral on social media. 

Entrepreneur lays out a map to becoming viral. While becoming viral can sometimes be accidental, it really does come down to a science. You know who your target audience is. You may have one specific audience that you’re reaching out to, but you may also have several audiences.

Learn about who you are reaching out to. What do they like, what do they feel strongly about, and what trends are they into? You need to take all of these into consideration when creating your content. Once you know these, you need to select which social media platform you’re going to use. 

Tip: The platform you decide to use plays a more significant role in becoming viral than the content itself. If your target audience uses Tik Tok more, Facebook isn’t going to be the way to go. 

Entrepreneur also says that a way to become viral is to partner with someone who already is. Create a post maybe two or three with this person, and that’s getting you out there.

Lastly, Entrepreneur talks about having ‘novel’ content. This means that your content should be unique and creative in at least some way. Someone who may get viral from doing a trend may not stay viral if their typical content does not grab the viewer’s attention.

In other words, they gain followers but quickly lose them or don’t gain anymore. Some people can instantly receive a ton of traction without trying. Maybe they had a really good video, or maybe they did something generous that you don’t see or hear about a lot. Whatever it may have been, or will be, the posts that catch the most attention will always have a higher chance of becoming viral. 

Tip: If you want more people to see your post, a hack to this would be to follow more people. Chances are you following someone else will cause them to follow you in return. 

What Else Can Help Make Something Epic?

It’s not just people who can be viral. We all remember the black & blue vs. white and gold dress from 2015. It was all over social media, especially Facebook, and people would debate over if the dress was black and blue, or white and gold. This was viral. It blew up, and it was all over because it didn’t just get people talking; it got people arguing. This surpasses social media and landed itself on the news. 

Another moment that didn’t involve a person was the ice bucket challenge. Participating in this challenge got people involved in a good cause, as well as helped people gain likes and followers off of their participation. To spread awareness for ALS, this was on several social media platforms. It was already growing quickly, but people would also nominate someone else to do it. Sometimes they would nominate several people. 

Need Help?

Being viral on social media can be for people, as well as other items or challenges. These grow and, after they start to slow down, they still have the possibility of becoming a popular thing again in the future. Let us help you go viral – contact us now.


2020 Marketing Trends: What You Should Know

Here at Unmatte, we try and focus on providing brands with the opportunity to rise to the occasion. Marketing trends help you eliminate the BS from your brand and allow you to create actionable tasks that help interact and engage with your audience. Here are a few we think are best for 2020.

Society & Marketing

The world of marketing is continuously changing to keep up with our growing society. The most popular marketing trends nowadays have to do with the internet. Marketing is all about advertising and selling your product, and companies will try to put their ad’s anywhere and everywhere. This also means that there are countless possibilities for companies and marketing their products. You are not just limited to billboards anymore, though if that is what you prefer, you can have billboards that have a changing sign.

Get To Know Your Client

Some companies like to follow and get to know a little about their clients. This is a great way to personalize an ad to one specific person. With the ability to ‘meet’ a potential client, you can talk to them about the product as it is in regards to what they need or the timing they have left in their day for something new, and you can get personal. This seems to be one of the most effective ways of marketing, as well. Taking the personal approach, you show the customer that your product is for anyone.

An example of this is with at-home workout programs. If you are looking for new people to join, you can find an aspect of their life that may be similar, if not the same, as what you are going through. Clients want relatable. They are more likely to go for a product or program if it works for their specific needs and requirements.

Content Is Everything

When it comes to content, there is no loss of possibilities. Make your advertisements fun and short, Don’t drag on, because this risks losing someone’s attention. You need to talk to them like you would someone you already know. If you drag on, they will lose interest sooner and delete your message, or stop reading. Most importantly, if the audience is not drawn to the post when it is in front of them, they will scroll right past. It should be pleasing to the eye and make the reader want to open that ad.

Do Your Best! Do It All!

Marketing is tough and ever-changing. There will always be countless options on which route to go, but, in the end, you need to be what the readers want or need to be seeing at the moment your ad is within their sight. Try a call to action, where you ask them directly if they need your product or services. Be what the reader needs, and they will open your ad. Once they open your ad, you have their attention. Keep their attention, and you have a new client.  Single Grain has created MORE marketing trends to focus on throughout your journey, take a look at their lengthy-list.