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Generational Marketing: Generation Z.

Generational Marketing is very effective when it comes to target marketing.  Every generation is different, which means you need to adjust your marketing strategies to reach out to each one individually. With birth dates from 1995 to 2012, Gen Z grew up with the growing age of technology. Gen Z is all about social media. Marketing on social media can give you one of the most massive audiences, and age ranges at one time for your company. Now, this doesn’t mean any social media. Some platforms are more preferred for your target audience. A few of the best platforms to use are Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. These are the most used social media platforms for Gen Z teens and adults.

Allowing you to send short photos and videos to friends before they disappear, Snapchat is famous for keeping in touch with friends with short snippets of what you’re up to. Snapchat has filters that can be used on their photos and videos. From the infamous dog ears to holiday photo frames, you can interact with your post.

Snapchat even adds filters to advertise different things. From movies to elections and also the Grammy’s and Oscars. Your company can make a Snapchat filter, and bring attention to your company in a fun and subtle way.

Generational Marketing Happens On Instagram As Well.

In the photo-based app, Instagram, users share photos of anything and everything. From food to pets to family, everyone gets to have their portfolio-like page of memories. Like Snapchat, Instagram also allows its users to post a story that goes away after 24 hours. They can add polls, stickers, emojis, and gifs to their photos and videos. Having an Instagram and posting on your feed and story are both great ways to reach out to the audience you are aiming for. You are putting yourself on their level and causing yourself to be more relatable. You are on their platform, and they will see your company.

YouTube is also a great place to advertise. Millions of people are watching videos every day. From playing music in the background to watching their favorite creators, countless ads are being shown before and during the videos. Even if they don’t see your ad, they may hear it. Putting an advertisement directly in front of someone so there is no doubt that they will see it, can be the most effective way of getting your company and product out there.

Overall, Generational Marketing Is Very Effective.

The best way to reach a generation is by putting yourself in their place. Learn their social media preferences, figure out what stores and products are more popular amongst them. These will lead you in the right direction when it comes to marketing to them. If your target audience is on Instagram everyday and watching YouTube, then an email advertisement is not going to do the job. However, if you are advertising on Instagram and you have an ad in front of the videos by their favorite creator or music genre, you already have a much higher chance of getting their attention and getting more customers. You need to go directly to your audience rather than stand, awaiting them to make the first move.

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