Social Media Tactics That Have Expired

There are many techniques around social media in terms of tactics and advertising. It’s an aspect that has needed to grow and adapt to the changing times. From social media tactics for the workplace, advertising through social media, tactics for responding to new followers and gaining followers, false reacting to posts, all the way to pitching your item too soon. These are just a few of the outdated techniques. Like most older things, there are new technologies to replace these. This article will talk about archaic and modern techniques. 

Social Media Tactics and the OLD Workplace Etiquette

Companies want their businesses to look the best. They don’t like negative reviews, and certainly not when those reviews are from their employees. Countless companies came up with social media rules that they expected their employees to follow. The employer usually ensured this following the employee on social media. Buffer explains that having fewer restrictions could end up having more positive comments and posts from your employees. Rather than preventing your employees from being open on social media, allow them to show where they work. This generates more questions about your business. Your employees are your biggest advertisement. 

JUST Text and Image Posts.

When you move your company to social media, you want to start on the right foot. Not only do you want strong posts, but you also want those posts to be noticed. An article by Aja Frost advises on this. Posts that are just text and image don’t get the attention that is wanted. More people would prefer to hear or watch the information you are giving, rather than read it. She even goes ahead to say that 69% of consumer internet traffic will be videos, and 25% of consumers will be turned off to your brand if you don’t use videos in your posts. People want to scroll through social media mindlessly, and videos are easy to watch, and they don’t require effort on the viewers’ part. However, reading can be seen as tedious, especially to those who don’t like to read. Videos are the way to go. 

Immediately Pitching to New Followers.

It’s always exciting to see that your brand has gained more followers. Responding to new followers can be a good thing. However, there are bad ways to go about this. You should not be sending automated messages when someone follows you. That shows them that they are nothing but a way for you to make money. Frost explains that this can feel manipulative. The better option is to message them yourself. Make it personal and show them they are an individual to you, not just another follower. She also mentions that if they mention your product in a post, share it, and send them a personalized thank you for the mention. Having a ‘friendship’ with your followers could result in sticking around longer and remaining loyal customers. 

Mass Following – Just Stop.

An article by Mark Traphagen, states that mass following people to gain followers no longer works. There are two main reasons why. 

  1. People are paying more attention to who they follow. People don’t want to follow fake or spam accounts. Just the same, they don’t want these accounts following them so that they may block your account. 
  2. Mass following is useless to your feed. When people visit their social media pages, they want to see their friends and people they are interested in. 

If you mass follow, you will see people you don’t know and things you have no interest in. You want to follow accounts that you have interest in, whether it be a person, pet page, or a hobby you have. These are the accounts that have your attention, and they might follow back. You want to be active on your social media, as well. If you like posts and comment and share your own posts, you are causing your page to be more visible. Gaining followers takes time, but they are more willing to stay if they are gained honestly. 

Only Posting Links/Ads. 

Mark Traphagen also talks about how posting links can be ineffective. People do not follow to see advertisements. They want to see you. Yes, you want to post your links. People follow because they are interested. Sooner or later, they will want to purchase. Too many links, however, will cause your followers to get bored and unfollow. You want to keep your followers and gain customers, not push your followers away because of your product. What you want to do is have a balance between your links and other posts that may be of interest or help to your followers. Keep it interesting, so your followers want to stay. 

Pitching Your Item too Soon. 

Just because someone follows you does not mean it is the right time to make your pitch. Mark Traphagen goes over this in his article in The Search Engine Journal. It can help you reach out to new followers but don’t immediately message them and try to sell your product. Say thank you for the follow, but make it personal. Do not mention your product(s). 

Pitching too soon can push your followers away, and very quickly. Let them follow you for a little bit, maybe follow them back and like some of their posts. After a few weeks, once you see they see your posts, then you can start pitching your products. If they like posts on certain products, they are telling you what they are interested in more. Listen to your followers, and you will know when the time is right to pitch. 

Social Media Tactics Grow Tiresome.

How you display yourself on social media affects your following greatly. They don’t want to see links or an account that barely posts. They want an exciting page that posts once a day, maybe more, and that keeps things interesting. Now that you know how to keep your followers interested, you need to gain more. Head over to Mark Traphagen’s article 9 Proven Tips to Get More Social Media Followers

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