2020 Marketing Trends: What You Should Know

Here at Unmatte, we try and focus on providing brands with the opportunity to rise to the occasion. Marketing trends help you eliminate the BS from your brand and allow you to create actionable tasks that help interact and engage with your audience. Here are a few we think are best for 2020.

Society & Marketing

The world of marketing is continuously changing to keep up with our growing society. The most popular marketing trends nowadays have to do with the internet. Marketing is all about advertising and selling your product, and companies will try to put their ad’s anywhere and everywhere. This also means that there are countless possibilities for companies and marketing their products. You are not just limited to billboards anymore, though if that is what you prefer, you can have billboards that have a changing sign.

Get To Know Your Client

Some companies like to follow and get to know a little about their clients. This is a great way to personalize an ad to one specific person. With the ability to ‘meet’ a potential client, you can talk to them about the product as it is in regards to what they need or the timing they have left in their day for something new, and you can get personal. This seems to be one of the most effective ways of marketing, as well. Taking the personal approach, you show the customer that your product is for anyone.

An example of this is with at-home workout programs. If you are looking for new people to join, you can find an aspect of their life that may be similar, if not the same, as what you are going through. Clients want relatable. They are more likely to go for a product or program if it works for their specific needs and requirements.

Content Is Everything

When it comes to content, there is no loss of possibilities. Make your advertisements fun and short, Don’t drag on, because this risks losing someone’s attention. You need to talk to them like you would someone you already know. If you drag on, they will lose interest sooner and delete your message, or stop reading. Most importantly, if the audience is not drawn to the post when it is in front of them, they will scroll right past. It should be pleasing to the eye and make the reader want to open that ad.

Do Your Best! Do It All!

Marketing is tough and ever-changing. There will always be countless options on which route to go, but, in the end, you need to be what the readers want or need to be seeing at the moment your ad is within their sight. Try a call to action, where you ask them directly if they need your product or services. Be what the reader needs, and they will open your ad. Once they open your ad, you have their attention. Keep their attention, and you have a new client.  Single Grain has created MORE marketing trends to focus on throughout your journey, take a look at their lengthy-list.