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50 Marketing Jargon Terms You Should Know – PDF

Marketing Jargon can change the way you communicate drastically.  We’ve all been there; we get stuck reading files or documents with jargon we don’t know. Then we take longer to read through because we may not want to admit we don’t know what some things mean. So, instead of stopping every few words to look up definitions, this article is here to help.

Starting out in the business world can be tough. With all there is to learn, definitions just may be the most tedious. We all want to succeed in our fields of business and it can be made more complicated when some employers may not be the most willing to help aid their new hires. Without the proper help, learning new things may be even harder or they can get more confusing.

We all learn at different paces, so what may work for one person won’t necessarily work for another. Some can read the textbook definitions and be on their way, while others need a more broken down version. This article contains some of the most common marketing jargon used within the business and marketing world. They are simplified and to the point, in hopes of being the most helpful to those who need it.



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Maja Jaredic  explains more jargon terms you may need to know.

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