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Go Viral: The Phenomenon – Tips, Tricks, & Understanding

Go Viral with these simple tips.  

Social media is a growing platform, as are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the latest one, Tik Tok. Users, typically between the ages of fifteen to mid-to-late thirties, share posts and content to gain status.  To achieve status, there seems to be no idea too big or too dangerous, and that can be concerning.

In this post, I will explain what a viral phenomenon is, and some ways that one begins.  

The Go Viral Phenomenon

The common cold is viral. It spreads rapidly, and everyone is aware of about it. When a post becomes viral on social media, it spreads all over. Filling one platform and spreading to another, and another. The ‘creator’ of that post, whether it be a photo or video, has become viral. They have ‘blown up,’ and their post is now being seen from people all over the country- and maybe even the world.

There is no end to being viral; it seems. Once someone achieves this, regardless of if it was intentional or not, they will more than likely want to do it again. And this often means trying harder and doing more outrageous things. Being viral is not always a good thing, and it is not always a person. It can be a photo of people not recognized or even a challenge.  

How to Become Go Viral

Let’s look at a few ways to become viral on social media. 

Entrepreneur lays out a map to becoming viral. While becoming viral can sometimes be accidental, it really does come down to a science. You know who your target audience is. You may have one specific audience that you’re reaching out to, but you may also have several audiences.

Learn about who you are reaching out to. What do they like, what do they feel strongly about, and what trends are they into? You need to take all of these into consideration when creating your content. Once you know these, you need to select which social media platform you’re going to use. 

Tip: The platform you decide to use plays a more significant role in becoming viral than the content itself. If your target audience uses Tik Tok more, Facebook isn’t going to be the way to go. 

Entrepreneur also says that a way to become viral is to partner with someone who already is. Create a post maybe two or three with this person, and that’s getting you out there.

Lastly, Entrepreneur talks about having ‘novel’ content. This means that your content should be unique and creative in at least some way. Someone who may get viral from doing a trend may not stay viral if their typical content does not grab the viewer’s attention.

In other words, they gain followers but quickly lose them or don’t gain anymore. Some people can instantly receive a ton of traction without trying. Maybe they had a really good video, or maybe they did something generous that you don’t see or hear about a lot. Whatever it may have been, or will be, the posts that catch the most attention will always have a higher chance of becoming viral. 

Tip: If you want more people to see your post, a hack to this would be to follow more people. Chances are you following someone else will cause them to follow you in return. 

What Else Can Help Make Something Epic?

It’s not just people who can be viral. We all remember the black & blue vs. white and gold dress from 2015. It was all over social media, especially Facebook, and people would debate over if the dress was black and blue, or white and gold. This was viral. It blew up, and it was all over because it didn’t just get people talking; it got people arguing. This surpasses social media and landed itself on the news. 

Another moment that didn’t involve a person was the ice bucket challenge. Participating in this challenge got people involved in a good cause, as well as helped people gain likes and followers off of their participation. To spread awareness for ALS, this was on several social media platforms. It was already growing quickly, but people would also nominate someone else to do it. Sometimes they would nominate several people. 

Need Help?

Being viral on social media can be for people, as well as other items or challenges. These grow and, after they start to slow down, they still have the possibility of becoming a popular thing again in the future. Let us help you go viral – contact us now.

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Marketing Books That Have the Answers to Everything (6)

Marketing is an ever-changing topic making it is essential to keep up to date on the latest trends and developments. Any person related to this field needs to stay informed of how to market to your audience in the modern age properly. In this post, we’ll be converting the top 6 marketing books that have been published within the last year. 

Social Media Marketing 2020 by Stephan Anderson 

Social Media Marketing 2020 by Stephen Anderson will tell you how to build your brand, understanding the basics of influencer marketing, why you have to use Instagram and Youtube, how to monetize your influencer Instagram profile, tips for nailing your brand and more. This book provides an all-encompassing overview of how to market on social media in 2020. Buy it on Amazon starting at $12.99


Dynamic Digital Marketing by Dawn McGruer

Dynamic Digital Marketing teaches you how to increase online visibility and presence, attract your target audience, generate leads, and convert those leads to profitable customers. It offers step by step guidance on topics like: 

  • Gain invaluable insights on what works based on the McGruer’s 20 years’ experience in digital marketing
  • Avoid pitfalls and missteps by implementing the same proven success strategies used by key influencers
  • Harness the power of search engine optimization (SEO), social media, content marketing, online video, and more
  • Amplify your brand, cultivate customers, and increase profits
  • Incorporate e-mail marketing, customer analytics, strategic web design, and influencer partnerships in your overall digital marketing strategy

You can buy it on Amazon for print or on Kindle. 

Digital Marketing for Beginners by Oliver J. Rich

Digital Marketing for Beginners is an excellent handbook for starting in the digital media  world. It has digital tools and methods that will take your brand to the next level. You will specifically find: 

  1. Career profiles in digital marketing that you can take up and make a living
  2. Understand the role of a digital marketer and how that will boost your online business
  3. How to craft a marketing strategy that attracts sales and builds your brand faster
  4. Ways to analyze your competitors and apply their valuable business tricks
  5. Methods of targeting clients, acquiring them, and keeping them coming back
  6. The various social media tools for advertising. Above all you’ll take a look at the three most popular social media platforms for businesses
  7. How to re-brand and sell products and services. Branding is more than getting the right logo, however the right logo does enforce a better brand.
  8. Analyze eight types of digital marketing, but truly understand them.
  9. How to track your efforts using Google Analytics

You can get your copy on Amazon.

Remarkable Retail: How to Win & Keep Customers in the Age of Digital Disruption by Steve Dennis

This is a brand new book that equips the physical retailer with eight essential strategies to deliver a great customer experience. Furthermore, these strategies include making your business: 

  1. Digitally Enabled
  2. Human-Centered
  3. Harmonized
  4. Mobile
  5. Personal
  6. Connected
  7. Memorable
  8. Radical. 

You can buy it on Amazon. 

Note from Staff: Heads up, even if you’re not selling a product or service – maybe you’re trying to spread awareness.  You are a retailer!  To clarify, the retention of customers account for more than 60% of your yearly sales, repetition.

How to Build a Personal Brand on LinkedIn by Dr. Keir Finlow-Bates

This is the perfect read for people short on time. Dr. Keir Finlow-Bates teaches you how to build a personal brand to help you receive more recognition at work, connect with your decision-makers, and generate high-quality inbound sales leads. However, the best part is that by using this book, you can fraud your LinkedIn image in as little as 10 minutes per day. Get it on Amazon.

Note from Staff: Building your personal brand can be easy if you’re confident in the audience you want to attract.  Furthermore, once that battle is over you’ll be able to communicate effectively via LinkedIn.

Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Businesses by Kelly A. Mahoney 

This book is targeted directly to smaller businesses. Being a business owner, you know you’ll wear a lot of different hats.  Certainly you can live without the stress.  In short, this book discusses how to: 

  1. Create winning approaches to the market
  2. Avoid common pitfalls, which will save you time and money
  3. Accelerate revenue and growth 

You can get it on Amazon for $11.50

Note from Staff: This was a great read when we started unmatte.com – it helped us keep our approach simple.  In other words, we can vouch firsthand that when you’re branding yourself, especially as a smaller business, this is one of your go-to manuals.

These books are all great resources to learn about new digital strategies.  Most importantly, Contact us if you have any questions about digital marketing strategies or would like a consultation. 

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Emoji Marketing: How to Use Emoji’s in Marketing

Emoji Marketing has been popular since their rise in the 2000s, emojis have taken over the world and have changed the way people communicate. Emojis are used to convey emotions that are hard to say. A person who has any contact with your target audience needs to know what emojis are and how to use them. In this post, we’ll provide an all-encompassing rundown of emojis, including an explanation of why emojis are essential, things to keep in mind before you start using them, and offer 3 examples of effective ways other brands have used emojis in the past.

What Is An Emoji (and Why Does it Matter)❓

The Oxford Lexico dictionary describes an emoji as “a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc.” The most popular emojis used today are “face with tears of joy” 😂, “loudly crying face” 😭, and red heart❤️. 

Understanding what Emojis are and how to use them is essential. Especially, when you consider that over 700 million emojis are used every day on Facebook posts alone. According to Adweek, 92% of internet users use emojis. Additionally, according to a study by psychologist Jerome Bruner, people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they see. The more visual your message is, the more likely it will have a lasting impact that can benefit your brand. 

5 Tips On How to Use An Emoji in Marketing

Before you start using emojis, keep these five tips in mind:

  1. Don’t crowd your message with too many emojis. 💬 When using emojis, you don’t want to overcrowd your message. Keep it simple, and only use them where they’ll add value to your point.
  1. Be selective with the platform you use them on.📱Before you start using emojis on every platform, make sure it is a relevant place to use them. On a platform like Twitter, emojis are expected. On LinkedIn, emojis would look out of place. 
  1. Make sure the context is appropriate.🤦 Always know your context. Before posting, it is important to know the full context of what you’re responding to. If you are responding to a sad video, it would be insensitive to respond to the post with a laughing emoji. Always evaluate the context and respond accordingly.


  1. Make emojis interactive. 🖱️This tip is as simple as using the emojis to make your message a two-way conversation. This can be as simple as responding to a post about how great your company is with a smiley face. 
  1. Know which emojis connect with your audience. 📊With over 3,100 emojis available, it is important to know which emojis your audience uses. By using the same emojis as them, you are connecting with them on a personal level.

3 Examples of Great Emoji Marketing

  1. Sports Center

Sports Center does an excellent job of making their posts interactive and relatable with their use of emojis. In this tweet, the emoji conveys the tone and emotion of the post. By just including the 🔥, they are showing that the video is impressive.


  1. McDonald’s 

This Instagram photo was posted during the COVID-19 quarantine, and McDonald’s uses it as a way to capture their audience’s attention. The caption includes “🍟📏 📏 📏📏 📏 📏 🍟,” which captures your eye because you have to think about it for a second, but once you realize it’s fries six feet apart, it’s funny and relatable. 


  1. The Bachelor 

When you think of the 🌹, it’s hard not to think of The Bachelor. The show has essentially hijacked the 🌹by including it in their hashtags, their posts, and all of their marketing. By using this emoji, The Bachelor has connected with their audience and stands out as a brand

Emojis are simple and easy to use as long as you know your audience. Plus, doing market research on them is as simple as clicking on the social media profiles of your target audience and seeing their most popular emojis. Once you find the emojis your target audience uses, it’s as easy as finding the right context to post them. 

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Generational Marketing: Generation Z.

Generational Marketing is very effective when it comes to target marketing.  Every generation is different, which means you need to adjust your marketing strategies to reach out to each one individually. With birth dates from 1995 to 2012, Gen Z grew up with the growing age of technology. Gen Z is all about social media. Marketing on social media can give you one of the most massive audiences, and age ranges at one time for your company. Now, this doesn’t mean any social media. Some platforms are more preferred for your target audience. A few of the best platforms to use are Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. These are the most used social media platforms for Gen Z teens and adults.

Allowing you to send short photos and videos to friends before they disappear, Snapchat is famous for keeping in touch with friends with short snippets of what you’re up to. Snapchat has filters that can be used on their photos and videos. From the infamous dog ears to holiday photo frames, you can interact with your post.

Snapchat even adds filters to advertise different things. From movies to elections and also the Grammy’s and Oscars. Your company can make a Snapchat filter, and bring attention to your company in a fun and subtle way.

Generational Marketing Happens On Instagram As Well.

In the photo-based app, Instagram, users share photos of anything and everything. From food to pets to family, everyone gets to have their portfolio-like page of memories. Like Snapchat, Instagram also allows its users to post a story that goes away after 24 hours. They can add polls, stickers, emojis, and gifs to their photos and videos. Having an Instagram and posting on your feed and story are both great ways to reach out to the audience you are aiming for. You are putting yourself on their level and causing yourself to be more relatable. You are on their platform, and they will see your company.

YouTube is also a great place to advertise. Millions of people are watching videos every day. From playing music in the background to watching their favorite creators, countless ads are being shown before and during the videos. Even if they don’t see your ad, they may hear it. Putting an advertisement directly in front of someone so there is no doubt that they will see it, can be the most effective way of getting your company and product out there.

Overall, Generational Marketing Is Very Effective.

The best way to reach a generation is by putting yourself in their place. Learn their social media preferences, figure out what stores and products are more popular amongst them. These will lead you in the right direction when it comes to marketing to them. If your target audience is on Instagram everyday and watching YouTube, then an email advertisement is not going to do the job. However, if you are advertising on Instagram and you have an ad in front of the videos by their favorite creator or music genre, you already have a much higher chance of getting their attention and getting more customers. You need to go directly to your audience rather than stand, awaiting them to make the first move.

Tip: If you need some more tips on trends in 2020, visit our 2020 Marketing Trends & What You Should Know article.