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Graphic Design: The Day-to-Day Life of a Graphic Designer

Ever Thought About What A Graphic Designer Does?

Graphic design keeps brands afloat, which means Graphic Designers are needed more than some may realize. They work hard to produce high-quality results for the projects they take on and can work both with a company or be an independent freelancer. They have a wide range of products they need to be able to produce. For example, from text and images to logos, they hold many skills. We see their work all around us, and it may not be realized, just how much graphic designers do. 

What is Graphic Design? 

Rasmussen College discusses the definition by the American Institute of Graphic Arts. They describe graphic design as communicating ideas and/or messages in a visual way and can be seen on websites, magazines, or even as advertisements. The logo of your favorite brands and products are the result of graphic designers. They work with multiple programs and need to provide the kinds of graphics needed for businesses. 

Day-to-Day Graphic Design Tasks.

Just like any job, graphic designers have tasks they need to accomplish every day. They deal heavily with their clients on a first-hand basis. Owl Guru lists the different functions that these designers have. Client communication is a large portion of the job, communication is key. A layout may seem small, but it can change how the overall design turns out. Creating the designs, making sample layouts, and using different software programs to create their graphics takes a decent amount of time.

Likewise, Graphic designers are also the ones who determines the sizing/placement of illustrations, as well as style and font. They review their final products and edit as they see fit, before presenting to the client. Their work is tedious and very detail-oriented. They create the final product all before submitting it to the client, who could potentially say they don’t like it (we don’t have these problems). 

Graphic Design and The Use of Programs.

Graphic design isn’t just about the result or what the design is as much as the programs used to create those designs. Branford Hall briefly touches on the different programs used. Designers spent most of their day at their desk, on their computer. Their programs range from the popular Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and other Creative Cloud Software. 

These programs all have one thing in common: creation. Similarly, they allow for the natural start of creating something from scratch. You can add photos or videos that you saved to your computer and can edit them to get rid of different aspects or even just the background. Furthermore, Graphic Designers need specific tools to perform certain tasks. Their profession requires them to have more abilities at their fingertips. 

Graphic Designers Are Heroes

All-In-All, Graphic Design is a needed art, and vastly underrated. A unique design is what makes your ads and brand stand out from others, and a graphic designer is a person that creates that attention-grabbing ad. 

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